China Practice


We are the firstly established Swiss Law firm in Hong Kong, a Special Administrative Region of China, which remains the most important gateway to and for China for foreign direct investments and the banking pulse of China. Our Law firm is uniquely positioned to make good use of legal and tax practicalities, in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China, in order to structure, facilitate and best service deal flows between China and Europe, minimizing strategic, tax and corporate risks of Chinese ventures operated by foreign interests. Throughout the years, we have built up close relationship with a network of China law firms and intermediaries, enabling us to provide comprehensive and one-stop services to our clients.

Cross-Border Transactions


We are very skilled in multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary, cross-border transactions for private clients and small-and-medium companies. Our firm has been involved, as strategic, tax and legal adviser in a certain number of small-scaled industrial acquisitions in Europe (France, Ireland, England, Switzerland), in real estate investments and divestments in Europe (Spain, Ireland, France, England) and in project financing (Russia, Ukraine).

We offer legal, tax and non-operational strategic advices in regard to the negotiating and the setting-up of joint ventures, partnerships, shareholdings, acquisitions, headquarters, branches or operations, in Western and Eastern Europe and in China (PRC and Hong Kong).


Contracts & Commercial litigation


In the international arena, it is increasingly difficult to deal with contractual matters, particularly for small & medium companies -which tend to lack the proper resources to do so.

We assist with skilled drafting of any commercial contracts both under the approach of the common law system (USA, UK, Hong Kong) and the civil law system (Continental Europe, Mainland China). Further, we offer proper assistance in commercial negotiations, particularly when in need of cross-cultural assistance (European clients in Mainland China or reciprocally).

In case of dispute in commercial matters and in debt recovery proceedings, we do represent clients in pre-litigation, litigation and arbitration matters. Our lawyers are licensed to act before Swiss Courts, before Hong Kong Courts and before any Arbitration Courts (as counsels and as arbitrators). In the jurisdictions in which we are not licensed to appear before Courts, we offer proper assistance in liaising with local counsels and following through the case on behalf of clients, providing the latter with legal guidance and appropriate language skills.

International Tax & Estate Planning


Our practice is very strong on providing its clients with customized services in international tax and estate planning. We devise, for individuals and for corporations, tax efficient solutions to help them legally reduce their tax exposure or to tamper the tax burden or the inheritance risks in various situations, for example when family-held businesses are about to be passed to the next generation, to be sold to outsiders (M&A) or to be sold to managers (MBO).